Forms & Compliance



Participants who purchase coverage must adhere to the applicable risk management guidelines and rules pertinent to the activity they are participating in: 

You must be 18 or older to purchase coverage online. Minors and adults purchasing on behalf of minors must contact their junior roller derby league for coverage and assistance. 

You must purchase coverage for yourself. You may not acquire coverage on behalf of someone else; the purchase process involves signing a waiver and coverage stipulations, no one can do this on your behalf. 

You must purchase the same coverage as the league you skate with. By purchasing coverage through WFTDA insurance, you acknowledge and verify that your league also has WFTDA insurance. If you aren’t sure, contact your league before proceeding to purchase.

If you are not affiliated with a league, coverage is only valid when you skate with a WFTDA insured league. This helps us ensure you are adhering to the applicable risk management guidelines. 

Failure to adhere to the applicable risk management guidelines for the sport in which you are participating, will result in denial of claims and may result in revocation of coverage. 

If injured, it is your responsibility to submit the initial injury report within 14 days. Injured participants must then receive initial treatment for their injury within 30 days of the date of injury. You are also responsible for all subsequent claim documentation for processing. Injury reports MUST be submitted online. Your league may assist you, but ultimately, it is your responsibility. Failure to submit your initial injury report within the allowable grace period will result in the denial of your claim. After you have complied with the initial reporting requirements, benefits are payable for 52 weeks (one year) from the accident date. Derby injuries happen. Please seek treatment before they become worse! 

For adults, coverage is valid for one year from the date purchased. Junior coverage if valid in the calendar year which it is purchased. Coverage is non-refundable and non-transferable. Coverage only transfers to other WFTDA insured leagues. If you transfer to a non-WFTDA insured league, you must insure through their insurer. Reciprocity applies to visiting skaters only. 

Reckless or negligent behavior that is outside the confines of game-related contact, including, but not limited to, fighting, punching, kicking, or intentional injury, which puts you or any participant or spectator at risk is not tolerated, and is grounds for immediate termination of coverage.