Request a Certificate of Insurance

Photo credit: Marshall Garlington

ATTENTION: Certificates requested prior to December 1st will be processed for the current year. To request a certificate for 2024, please do not submit your request until AFTER DECEMBER 1ST. Allow up to 30 days for processing.  To obtain your Certificate of Insurance (COI), please complete ALL information requested and click submit.

    League Rep Information

    League Information

    If your venue has requested a COI listing them as a certificate holder and/or additional insured, you must also provide the following information. Provide exactly what the venue specifies as the certificate holder and/or additional insured; this information is usually located in your contract or lease agreement.

    Certificate Holder / Additional Insured

    Did the venue request to be listed as an additional insured?

    Did the venue request an endorsement?

    Did the venue request a waiver of subrogation provision?

    Complete one form for each COI request. Contact if you have any questions. Note: Emergency Action Plans are due within 30 days of obtaining coverage. If your league hasn’t submitted its EAP, it will be requested at the time you submit your COI request. A template of the EAP can be found in the Risk Management Guidelines, available online.