Coverage through WFTDA Insurance:

flat track, banked track and skatepark activities – one coverage for all!

WFTDA Insurance coverage options:

$10 million
in general and excess liability insurance

$2 million
in Alcohol liability coverage

(additional application required,
email for more information)

$2,500 deductible
if you have primary insurance

$7,500 deductible
if you do not have primary insurance

Coverage maximum is $10,000, per injury

The WFTDA strongly recommends that skaters also carry their own primary medical insurance.

Minors must purchase coverage through their leagues – find more information here. If you are looking for insurance for your minor, for junior roller derby, please contact the junior roller derby league rep for assistance.

Conditions of Coverage:

Participants who purchase coverage must adhere to the applicable risk management guidelines and rules pertinent to the activity they are participating in. Click here for more information. Off skates activities are not covered. Off skates officials and coaches who purchase insurance are covered if they are injured while performing their duties related to the sport of roller derby.

I am already insured with WFTDA Insurance, or was previously insured and need to renew:


I am a new participant and my league has WFTDA Insurance: create an account here.

If your league does not have WFTDA Insurance, contact your league rep for information and instructions.


My league does not have WFTDA Insurance
but wants more information:


Benefit Provisions

Participants who purchase insurance are covered for roller derby and skatepark activities as long as they are adhering to the applicable risk management guidelines and rulesets, and participating with a WFTDA insured league or club (we do not cover skaters on their own, outside of roller derby or independent skatepark activities).

Maximum Benefit Amount $10,000 per injury
Deductible (Corridor):
Skaters with primary insurance $2,500 per injury
Skaters without primary insurance $7,500 per injury
Loss Period Initial treatment received within 30 days of injury
Benefit Period Benefits payable for 52 weeks from accident date
Dental Expense Allowable expense per tooth, not to exceed $2,500 per injury* (covers injuries to sound, natural teeth)
Orthopedic Appliances:
Maximum Benefit Amount $1,000 per injury*
Outpatient Physical Therapy Expense Benefit:
(includes Chiropractic & Spinal Treatment)
Maximum Benefit Amount $2,500 per injury*
Prescription Drug Expense Benefit:
Maximum Benefit Amount $1,000 per injury*
Durable Medical Expense:
Maximum Benefit Amount $1,000 per injury*

*Subject to the Accident Medical Expense Deductible and Maximum Benefit.