Junior Roller Derby

The WFTDA is proud to offer insurance coverage to junior leagues. Coverage options include general liability and personal accident/liability coverage. Junior flat track leagues operating in the United States and Canada. Leagues electing this coverage must comply with the WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines, age and background check requirements.

Personal accident/liability coverage is available at a cost of $40 per person General liability coverage may be purchased for $250.

All adults who participate with junior leagues (officials, coaches, and volunteers) must submit a
background check. We recommend Sterling Volunteers (formerly Verified Volunteers). Use our Good Deed code: wcfvyzf. Background checks cost approximately $15.

Our insurer has age restrictions, grouping skaters ages 6 to 11, and 12 to 17.

Junior roller derby coverage is not purchased online. Information and instructions to enroll may be obtained by emailing .


WFTDA Insurance has reciprocity agreements with WFTDI Canada, MRDA leagues that insure through WFTDA Insurance, JRDA, USA Roller Sports* (USARS), Francis L Dean (FLD), and Roller Derby Canada Services (RDCS).

*If you participate with a USARS skater or league, USARS requires that events be sanctioned through USARS in order for their insurance coverage to be in effect. The USARS league is responsible to sanction through USARS, but the WFTDA insured league must verify this has been done, whether hosting or visiting. If you host a league with WFTDA insurance , JRDA, FLD, or RDCS, request proof of insurance (a certificate of insurance) from the league.