WFTDI Welcomes New Board Member, Talks Insurance Renewal

We’re thrilled to announce that this November, WFTDI has appointed Kim H. Fandango (Jessica Carpenter) to a one-year term on our Board of Directors. Kim has served in the WFTDA as Membership Officer and on the WFTDA Board of Directors as Secretary, She brings experience with governance, women’s and reproductive health, social justice, WFTDA Membership needs, and more to the position.

Kim will be tasked with assisting the WFTDI Board with updating the Bylaws and helping to design a more robust and equitable governance structure for the subsidiary of WFTDA.

“Kim has been working as a volunteer with the WFTDA for more than 10 years,” shares Teenie Meanie (Staci Larkin), elected WFTDI Board member. “Her insight as a skater, women’s health professional, and previous WFTDA Board member make her the perfect choice to help us re-envision an equitable, sustainable Board for WFTDI.”

2020 has been a challenging year for WFTDI and we’re preparing to weather additional pandemic impacts, as well as plan for the rebuilding of WFTDA roller derby pathways in the months and years to come. Kim’s presence on the WFTDI Board will allow us to have the capacity to build out a more stable, informed governance structure and create a long-range strategic plan for the organization.

COVID-19 presented significant economic challenges to WFTDI. Despite this, we remain committed to supporting the community to the fullest extent we are able by discounting insurance renewals for 2021 and adding additional skatepark coverage.. To help offer some context for 2021 renewals, we’ve expanded our FAQs below with answers to some commonly asked questions.

WFTDI Board of Directors