February is the month where we tend to give up on our ‘New Year” intentions/goals/resolutions. It is also the month Valentine’s Day is celebrated. This is not a blog about this holiday but instead a blog to honor Self-Love.

Self-Love is caring about yourself. It is not a selfish act, it is appreciating and respecting yourself. We have to accept the person we are and if we do not, we need to learn ways to do so. Self-judgment can be our biggest enemy. We must learn to trust ourselves, embrace our own self-worth and see the value we hold to ourselves.

Self-love can lead to better relationships, personal happiness and a more empathic way of being.

Self-love can also lead to greater resilience in times of stress or hardship. Being able to handle tougher moments is key to self content.

Self-love leads to peace. If you love yourself, then you learn to love others, by being more tolerant and accepting.


Here are some ways to practice self-love:


Say something nice to yourself daily


Acknowledge small victories


Stop comparing yourself to others (in a negative/condescending way)


Find support from friends, family, therapists


Set realistic goals, small goals lead to larger successes


Making healthier choices but not getting down on yourself when you do not


Live in the moment