Have you ever stretched cheese or pizza dough or taffy so thin that it breaks? This is how I feel when I’m overwhelmed. Of course, there’s good overwhelming feelings: those of joy, excitement, and happiness. However, those stressful situations where you just have too much on your plate are never good.   If you know me, … Continued

Coping with the Pandemic and the Self-Isolation It Has Caused

    I recently had the opportunity to have a Zoom call with Dr. Jacob Cooper, the sports psychologist for Appalachian State University Athletics. The WFTDI felt we should address the topic of isolation, what it has done to our psyche, and as we slowly return to socialization, what that looks like. The first thing … Continued

Should Have Been a Doctor

    The title of this blog is something I hear a lot from other people and myself. I’m 44 and still paying student loans from the 90s, so when I hear people say, “Oh, it’s not too late to pursue another career, blah blah blah,” I know that is not how I want to … Continued